Computer Repair Barrhead and Westlock Area

IT SolutionsIT Solutions

Do you have a business with multiple computers and or printers. We can help you setup the right equipment. Routers, Wifi, network printers, we can hook it up for you.

Computer RepairComputer Repair

Is your PC slow, or it just doesn't start anymore? Either way we can help, bring your pc in, and we will get it up and running again.

Visual and audio equipment rentalVisual and audio equipment rental

If you have a presentation, wedding, anniversary or some other kind of event then you can rent the needed equipment here. Please see our page to read more

Wifi, Network and InternetWifi, Network and Internet

If you have wifi issues or troubles with your internet, you might want to phone us and see what we can do.

Data recoveryData recovery

Did your pc or laptop crash and you can not access your holiday pictures or booking? Then I can help with recovering your data from your hard drive. Just bring in your PC or Laptop and I will try to recover your data.


If you are a business owner without a website then it's time for action. Please contact us for a quote so you will be online in no-time.

Printer setupPrinter setup

Do you have troubles installing your printer, then I can help you set it up with your computers. 

Hardware replacementHardware replacement

If your computer has broken hardware then we would be able to replace the hardware and get it up and running again.

Virus removalVirus removal

Is your computer infected with viruses, then please bring it by so we can safely remove all the viruses. Do not continue to work on a PC that has viruses.

Web design & Web development.

Heritage Home Health
Heritage Home Health

For Heritage Home Health ltd we had to work as fast as we could since they had a really tight deadline. And yes we did make it! The ad in the Barrhead...

Fairwood sales
Fairwood sales

With Fairwood Sales, we made their firewood Barrhead (Alberta) website. It did not take long to launch, since the owners where very helpful with the d...

JM. Enterprises
JM. Enterprises

If you are looking for bin rentals in Barrhead and Westlock area, JM. Enterprises will have what you need. We created a new website design, ...

KNM Sales
KNM Sales

For KNM Sales & Service we had the opportunity to improve their website. They have a full content management in the back of the website so th...

We help you with maintaning your website.

With our web system you can update your website on daily basis. We will explain our CMS so you can boost your sales.


When you have important data on your home or business pc, then it's important to make backups. This can be done automaticly or manually. Please ask us for assistance.